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Candles By Janine

Every Candle by Candles By Janine is hand made and mixed to perfection.



Home scented candles by Janine is a family business which specialize in home candles, bespoke and tailor made with the most generous splashes of quality fragrance.


Blended with the finest of Soy & Paraffin waxes on the market Candles By Janine are the most tranquil of Home Candles designed especially for your home.


So you like scented candles ? so do we, were all about scented candles and spend all day every day making them.


We experiment with new home candle variants to bring you the perfect scented candles for your home.


Candles by janine home scented candles are not just like any other scented candles on the market, they are bespoke luxury highly scented candlesthat last for around 75 hours burn time and fill any room with our luxury scents.

We have a large inclusive range of scented candles here at Candles by janine which range from the follwing


  • Scented Jar Candles
  • Scented Designer Tin Candles
  • Scented luxury signature range candles
  • Designer fragrance wax clams
  • Full range of our bespoke fragranced wax clams
  • Wax tarts
  • Wax Melts



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